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Wildlife Photography Workshop- Sept. 5th or Sept. 6th 2014


Internationally published wildlife photographer, and master instructor, Kathleen Reeder, is hosting an exclusive Wildlife Photography Workshop at Lions, Tigers & Bears. Capture unforgettable moments in time with our rescued animal residents, as you take part in this memorable photography workshop. Kathleen will prepare and guide you to capture the feelings and the beauty of our rescued animals.  This private workshop consists of both an Online Webinar Presentation and an exclusive photography event at Lions Tigers & Bears, with many unique and exciting features. Click here for more details!

When: Friday, September 5th or Saturday, September 6th from 6:00 am to 2:00 pm

Where: Lions, Tigers & Bears

Price: $229 for LTB Members

$299 for Non-Members (includes an Encouragement Level Membership)

Call (619) 659-8078 to book today! Each session is limited to 14 photographers, so reserve your spot today!


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Lions, Tigers & Bears’ Spooky Campover 2014

Lions, Tigers & Bears Spooky Campover