Buy A Brick - Lions Tigers & Bears

Buy A Brick And Be Part of Lions Tigers & Bears

Buy a Commemorative Brick to support our ongoing operating costs.The daily financial stresses of running Lions Tigers & Bears can truly be a challenge for all of us here! The high cost of food for our animals, lights, water, heat, propane, paper, laundry soap, bleach, cleaners, and food containers, are always in high demand of our limited funds!

This is your chance to help us help our rescued animals. For as little as $100 you can be a part of the excitement by purchasing a commemorative brick to be placed in a prominent location near the big cats of Lions Tigers & Bears.

These bricks are a great way to recognize children, grandchildren, marriages, and other special events, or a lasting memorial for a loved one or pet. They are also unique gifts, and perfect for any occasion.

Fill out your order form today and email it to or Fax to: (619) 659-8841

For more information call our office at (619) 659-8078.