Conga - Lions Tigers & Bears




Leopard – Born: 5/1/2004 – Weight: 80 lbs

Conga had a rough start in life. She was a captive-bred pet that was abandoned by her previous owner at the age of five weeks. Fortunately, thanks to the support of our members, LTB was able to adopt her. Conga was moved into her new enclosure at the end of July, 2005, where she loves playing with her ball, and climbing on numerous large rocks and logs. She has her own pool and waterfall and several hammocks to lounge in. Conga is clever, seemingly fearless, and has limitless energy. She loves to “perform” for any audience, pulling off amazingly acrobatic moves with incredible grace.

Conga loves to have her caretakers squirt her with the hose on warm days (see the video, below). Looking into her gorgeous green eyes, you can see the sparkle of mischief, and her grin lets you know she is happy and appreciative of her lifetime home at LTB. Her favorite foods are beef bones and chicken.

December 2013:  Conga will soon get an upgrade for her enclosure, thanks to Stan and Lori Solis!  Details HERE.