Bakari - Lions Tigers & Bears


African Lion – Male – Born: 3/16/2007 – Weight: 500 lbs.

Bakari came to us with his two sisters Suri and Jillian at the age of 4 weeks. We were contacted by the only big cat sanctuary in Louisiana. Due to overcrowding in their facility they were unable to keep the cubs. Lions Tigers & Bears stepped in and accepted all three lion cubs.

Bakari is definitely the “boy” of the litter. He is really laid back and lets his two sisters do all the work. He is definitely bigger than the “girls” when it come to size. He is also much darker and you can almost start to make out what will someday bcome the distinctive markings of a male lion.

Bakari was named by two of our wonderful supporters at Lions Tigers & Bears: Janice and Gary Freiberg. They bid to name him at the “Wild in the Country” fundraising event in June of 2007. After doing much research on African names they narrowed it down to a list of five, and finally chose Bakari. Bakari is an African expression which translates to “one with great promise.”

Bakari as a youth:


Watch Bakari check out the pumpkins carved for Halloween, 2012: