Maverick - Lions Tigers & Bears



Maverick was recently confiscated by CA Fish & Game from a celebrity who did not have the proper license to own an exotic animal. Now Maverick will stay with us while his future is being determined. As of June 2014, he is estimated to be about 9 months old. He is rambunctious and full of energy, just as a tiger cub should be.

This young cub is a perfect example of what happens when people decide they want a wild animal for a pet. Sure, they’re cute for a few months, but after that, the reality of the situation sets in. Wild instincts begin to emerge, they become hard to handle and pose an extreme risk to the community, leaving the animal to face an uncertain future. Often, these innocent creatures are euthanized, or spend their lives in dire conditions lacking the proper care that a wild animal requires. If they are lucky, they will find refuge at an accredited sanctuary, such as Lions, Tigers & Bears. Now that Maverick is in a safe environment, we are committed to giving him the best home possible for as long as he’s with us and we are hoping to make him a permanent part of our family.

Click here to watch Maverick playing in McGrath Family Tiger Trails!

Snapshot 1 (6-10-2014 12-50 PM)a Snapshot 4 (6-10-2014 12-54 PM)