Four-Acre Bear Habitat - Lions Tigers & Bears

The Four-Acre “Black Bear Habitat” at LTB


Not long ago, Bobbi Brink, founder and director at Lions, Tigers & Bears was thrilled to see Liberty Bear take her first steps into the new “Black Bear Habitat”, a four-acre home for resident black bears that now provides a more natural environment for its four furry occupants:  Liberty, Delilah, Blossom, and Sugar Bear.

“This habitat falls in line with our mission to provide a safe and healthy environment for neglected or abused animals where they can live out the rest of their lives,” said Bobbi Brink, founder and director.


The four-acre habitat has plenty of room to play in for all four bears and is loaded with activities to keep them busy.

The bear habitat nearing completion in January, 2012

There are hammocks to rest in, decks to sun on, and caves to sleep in. There is even a tall scratching post. A large water pond provides a refreshing spot to deal with those summer days; and tires and other toys are scattered about.

The $250,000 “Black Bear Habitat” was funded through private donations and services. The sanctuary is now raising funds for an even newer habitat to house Meatball, the bear recently rescued from near L.A.

Donations are being accepted through the website or by calling the sanctuary at (619) 659-8078.

Sugar Bear, out of quarantine and in the bear habitat

Blossom playing in the water, while Liberty snoozes in a hammock

Delilah in the four-acre bear habitat