Win a Cruise and Help Lions Tigers & Bears Raise $150,000 for our Rescued Animals

Three Cruises – Three itineraries – Three Chances to Win!

Thanks to our dear friend, and longtime supporter Zoe’s Cruises and Tours – we are offering up the opportunity to enter to win up to three cruises of your choosing. Opportunity tickets are $10 each and you can select which cruise package you would like to be entered in. Each cruise package is valued at $5,000. The drawing will take place in May 2019 at our annual Wild in the Country Fundraiser. All proceeds benefit the rescued animals of Lions Tigers & Bears! Click to view itineraries: Panama Canal Cruise, Alaska Cruise, Hawaii Cruise.

There are 3 Ways to Enter:

1) Use our mail-in entry form
2) Visit us
3) Catch us in the community

Special Thanks to:

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