Animal Encounters



While our name says a lot, it doesn’t say it all. Unfortunately, we didn’t have room to add all the other animals we adopt and take care of such as goats, horses, pigs, llamas and much more. Our Ranch is dedicated to the care and protection of all animals that have been neglected or abused. While you may not be able to touch and pet our rescued wild animals, you may certainly get plenty of hands-on time with our rescued domestic animals. Animal Encounters is a place where children and adults alike can get a hands-on educational experience while better understanding why wild animals do not make good pets.


Animal Encounters educational goals are to:

  1. Teach the difference between wild animals and domestic animals.
  2. Teach the difference between why domestic animals make good pets vs. exotic animals who don’t make good pets
  3. Teach why we spay and neuter
  4. Teach responsible pet ownership
  5. Teach about humane farming practices
  6. Teach how to properly care for specific domestic species.


Animal Encounters

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