Lions Tigers & Bears – A History, with Bobbi Brink:


Merry Christmas, 2013:
Ohio bear rescue, 2013:

Maddie’s first day in quarantine:

Meet Maddie:

(Maddie’s previous owner, Kim, is one of Lions Tigers & Bears’ angels. It takes a ton of courage to do what she did by relinquishing her animal. Watch Kim say goodbye to Maddie before the LTB team removes the bear from her cage to begin the long trip to the LTB sanctuary. Thank you, Kim, for doing what’s best for Maddie!)

Bobbi Brink on TV in Columbus, Ohio, including aerial shots of the LTB team on the road (July 2013):

The LTB team relocating bears from Ohio to South Dakota (July 2013):

Here’s a video produced by students at Southwestern College in San Diego:

“Wild in the Country 2013” Slideshow:

Wild in the Country Promo:

All About LTB, by Singing Duo Ruby Summer:

Big Cats in the Snow:
Conga the Leopard Playing in Water:
Raja Visits the Vet: