Stay the Night – White Oak

In the heart of the countryside there awaits a perfect escape. Where luxury, romance, and outdoor adventure reside. Rustic by nature, elegant by design. Baked in sunlight with luxurious surroundings. White Oak Mountain Retreat is ideal for any get away.

Nestled in the mountains of the Cleveland National Forest on the property of Lions Tigers & Bears – a Big Cat and Exotic Animal Sanctuary – White Oak Wild Nights is a 2-bedroom, 1-bath luxurious retreat. Come experience the majestic sights and sound of the big cats and bears. The roars of tigers and lions… your very own private safari.

  • Rendezvous for two
  • Service is the key
  • Shimmering views
  • Each stay custom tailored
  • Wild Nights-Sight and Sounds of the Big Cats
  • Winning Wines
  • Private Chefs Available
  • Luxurious accommodations