Save the Cherokee Pit Bears

Help us Save the Cherokee Pit Bears!

Pacing bears Grizzly Bear begging for food Waiting to be savedPacing bears


Cherokee Bear Park in Cherokee, North Carolina is a roadside tourist attraction that stems back to the stone ages. The bears, who have had the unfortunate reality of being born into one of the United States most heinous roadside menageries- are kept in deplorable concrete pits void of natural environmental stimuli. They are deprived of all that is natural to a bear.

The bears live day in and day out pacing back and forth in small concrete cell blocks, waiting for the occasional tourist to come view them from above.


The park also has cub petting photo opportunities in which the cubs are stripped from their mothers soon after birth, and put on display for visitors to handle. The cubs are the product of captive breeding that occurs at this facility. It is a sickening and endless cycle of breed, exploit and dump.

The bears’ constant pacing, meandering in circles and cries for help all point to signs of distress and inadequate living conditions. Tourists can pay a measly dollar to purchase a small tray of food to throw down into the pits. The bears stand up on their hind legs begging for food, clapping their paws together in desperation. Clapping in desperation

There is nothing fun, nor fascinating about watching bears dance about in agony and boredom in a concrete pit; yet Cherokee Bear Park is still open to the public, and people still come to ogle at these suffering bears.

Please help save these bears lives, and prevent anymore bears from suffering from such an agonizing fate. Let the owners of Cherokee Bear Park Zoo know that it is not acceptable to keep these majestic animals in such unacceptable conditions. Let them know you demand to see these bears taken off display and placed into a reputable lifetime sanctuary.

You can help get these bears out of the pits! Please write a letter to the owners, Barry and Collette Coggins, owners of Cherokee Bear Park Zoo. You can write your own or sign and mail the Sample letter provided.

Every life counts! Save the Cherokee Pit Bears!