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July 16, 2013:

We’ve arrived back home!

Today the team arrived at the sanctuary with very special cargo.  Maddie, the 390-pound black bear, will live out the rest of her life here at Lions Tigers and Bears. Maddie will spend some time in our quarantine area, which is a standard procedure for any new animal entering the sanctuary. Since Maddie has parasites, she is being treated with antibiotics. Once she has a clean bill of health, she will move over to the large habitat with the other female bears.

Maddie was originally bought as a family pet and was going to be sold for less than $200 to a game ranch before a friend stepped in to take her. Even though the friend saved Maddie from sure death, she was kept in a 20-foot by 20-foot double corn crib, was fed dog food and Mountain Dew for several years, and never had space to run or play.

Now, she will live in a beautiful five-acre habitat with a pool, grass, rolling hills, and lots of natural features. She will be fed a healthy diet fit for a bear and will get to exercise with the other female bears.

Here’s Maddie in quarantine at LTB (see a video of Mattie in quarantine on our “Gallery > Videos” page):


July 15, 2013:

Today, the LTB team delivered two bears to a Colorado sanctuary. The bears, Boo Boo and Dewey, will reside in their temporary enclosure (seen below) before being released to roam acres of hills and grass with the other bears at the sanctuary:


July 12, 2013:

The LTB team delivered Preston to San Antonio Wildlife Rehab sanctuary today. Preston sure seemed happy in his temporary enclosure. He scratched his back on the fence posts and rolled around in the grass. Next, the LTB team heads to Colorado to deliver the last two bears before making the trip back to San Diego with Maddie, LTB’s newest rescue, in tow.

Here’s Preston in cramped quarters at his OLD home:


Here’s Preston arriving at his NEW home:


And here’s Preston smelling the new smells and enjoying a back rub in his NEW temporary enclosure (while he’s in quarantine).  Even the monkey looks happy(!?!).


July 10, 2013:

We hit the road…and the road hit us back! The LTB team faces a flat tire on their roadtrip home to San Diego! The team is currently headed to Texas to deliver Preston, a surrendered bear from Ohio, to the Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation sanctuary in Kendalia, Texas.

Meanwhile, we would like to thank Maddie’s previous owner, Kim – one of Lions Tigers and Bears’ angels.  It took a ton of courage to do what she did by relinquishing her animal. Watch Kim say goodbye to Maddie before the LTB team removed the bear from her cage:

Thank you, Kim, for doing what’s best for Maddie!

July 9, 2013:

The LTB team had an exciting day today. They arrived at Maddie’s home in Ohio; coaxed Maddie out of her enclosure; gave her a check up with the vet including a basic physical, baseline blood work, dental check-up, vaccinations, micro-chip and stool sampling; and loaded Maddie onto the hauler. The team will head out to Texas to deliver one of the bears from a previous pick-up earlier this week, and Maddie will come back to San Diego with the LTB team.

Here are some pictures of Maddie and her Ohio enclosure, coaxing her into the transfer cage, and the hard-working LTB bear-rescue team:




Boo Boo, a bear surrendered from Ohio, cautiously checks out the hauler as he awaits his transport to Colorado:

Grunt and Little Bear get adjusted to their new surroundings in South Dakota earlier this week:


July 8, 2013:

The LTB team has had a busy weekend! They traveled from Ohio through Indiana and Illinois to South Dakota. The LTB team delivered six bears to Spirit of The Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, where the bears are happily munching on healthy snacks and getting accustomed to their new surroundings.

The team is back in Ohio to pick up three bears, and will be off to Texas later this week!





July 7, 2013:

Here’s a video showing the bear transfer by Bobbi and her crew from Ohio to South Dakota:

July 6, 2013:

: “Relocated bears settling in to new homes”

July 4, 2013:

: “Five rescued bears coming to sanctuary in Spearfish”

July 3, 2013:

Today, the LTB team is on the road to South Dakota to bring six bears from Ohio to their new home. They stopped along the way for fresh fruits, veggies and granola bars for the bears. These bears will be well-fed in our care!

July 2, 2013:
 The LTB team has had a busy couple of days! Yesterday, the team completed medical evaluations and procedures on six bears in Ohio. Today, Bobbi Brink spoke at the International Fund for Animal Welfare’s press conference in Columbus, Ohio. The team is on their way to South Dakota and will travel for the next few days, until they arrive at Spirit of the Hills Wildlife Sanctuary. Here are a few pictures of the bears from Ohio:

July 1, 2013:

Over the weekend, the LTB Rescue Team traveled through St. Louis and Mississippi, and arrived in Ohio late last night. Medical examinations for the bears have begun today. As far as we know, none of these bears has had any proper medical attention. Each bear will receive a basic physical, stool sample, baseline blood work, a dental check-up, vaccinations, and microchip implantation – – all the basics we can do while the bear is sedated. Two male bears will be neutered, a necessary procedure before taking them to their new home to live with other bears.

We can’t thank you enough for helping us make this happen! We could not provide these bears with the medical attention they need without your generous donations! THANK YOU!

June 28, 2013:

Rescuing bears is no easy job! The LTB Rescue Team made it to New Mexico yesterday, and just reached Texas mid-day today. The hauler pictured here is equipped with air conditioning for the bears. With temperatures reaching 108 yesterday in the desert, it will be very important for the bears to have a cool ride to their new homes!


June 27, 2013:

And they’re off! Bobbi and the LTB Rescue Team leave for Ohio to rescue nine bears in need! One very lucky bear, Maddie, will come back to Lions, Tigers & Bears to live out the rest of her happy bear life. The other eight bears await new homes through out America! Follow along as we post about our many adventures and saving the bears!

Bobbi Brink Will Lead the Rescue of Nine Ohio Bears

Alpine, Calif. – (June 27, 2013) – Bobbi Brink, founder and director LTB, today announced her departure to lead a rescue and multi-state relocation of nine bears. The animals will travel from three locations in Ohio to reputable sanctuaries in multiple states across the United States. During the three-week trip beginning June 27, 2013, Brink will remove seven bears from two private residences and two that have been anonymously surrendered.

Seven of the nine bears will receive a basic physical, basic blood work, stool sampling, a dental check-up, vaccinations, microchip and any other basic medical attention that can be done while the bear is sedated.

Maddie will soon call LTB home

Five bears will be placed at Spirit of the Hills Wildlife Sanctuary in Spearfish, SD; two will be taken to The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, CO; one bear will reside at San Antonio Wildlife Sanctuary in Kendalia, Texas; and one bear will make the cross-country trip with Bobbi Brink to Lions Tigers and Bears in Alpine, CA.

Prior to being rescued by the current owner, six of the bears lived in deplorable conditions. For several years now, they have lived in cages that are five feet tall, 15 feet wide and 30 feet long. The three female black bears (approximate ages 11, 12 and 12) and the three male black bears (approximate ages 7, 9 and 9) have never had open space to run or play, and will now be given the gift of a better life at the new sanctuaries.

The owner says that because of his age and health he is downsizing and wants to make better accommodations for his cats; therefore he felt the best option was to find new homes for the bears.

The approximately 12-year-old female black bear in Covington, Ohio was purchased as a family pet. When she grew too large to play with, the family planned to sell her to a game hunt ranch before the current owner stepped in to save her. The bear is currently living in a ‘double corn crib’ that is approximately 20 feet tall by 20 feet wide and has never lived with enough space to run or play.

The two anonymously surrendered bears will come from Reynoldsberg, Ohio. The one black bear and one Asiatic bear, genders and ages unknown, have received necessary medical procedures and they are now awaiting their transfer by the Lions Tigers & Bears team.

The Lions Tigers & Bears team, veterinarian Dr. Gwen Myers and her veterinarian technician are treating each situation with the assumption that none of the bears has ever had any proper medical attention from a vet. Each bear’s true medical history is unknown, due to the lack of medical paperwork available. Two bears in Prospect, Ohio will need neutering and one will need dermatological work on his skin to assess if his hair loss is environmental or stress related. Tests will also be done to confirm the absence of any infections that could affect the bears at their new homes.

These bears have suffered long enough. Please help!  Your gift today will help us rescue and provide medical treatment and lifetime homes for these animals, who desperately need a better tomorrow!

Additionally, Brink will participate in the International Federation of Animal Wildlife’s press conference on July 2 in Columbus, Ohio, to discuss the nationwide issue of first responders not being trained or equipped to handle emergency calls involving wild or exotic animals. When such situations occur, sanctuary owners are often called in to relocate the animals from private residences before police or emergency personnel are able to enter the scene.

Lions Tigers & Bears is one of only two big cat and bear sanctuaries in California accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS). GFAS accreditation includes meeting their strict Standards of Excellence, including acquisition, handling and commercial guidelines; education and outreach; staffing; physical facilities; security/safety; general animal care; and much more. According to GFAS, their Standards of Excellence were developed and reviewed by several working groups comprised of sanctuary managers, animal protection and animal control officers and veterinarians.

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