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Lions Tigers & Bears in the News

August 5, 2017: Oh my! Lions, tigers and bears call San Diego County sanctuary home


March 30, 2017: Interview with Bobbi: Lions Tigers & Bears


Lions Tigers & Bears

March 2, 2017: Birthday celebration at Lions Tigers and Bears


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March 2, 2017: The “Mane” Event: A Birthday Party…


March 2, 2017: Fox 5 San Diego Live


March 1, 2017: 10NEWS LEADERSHIP AWARD – Bobbi Brink


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 February 24, 2017: Rescued Circus Lions Coming to Alpine…


Lions Tigers & Bears

November 17, 2016: New rescued animals arrive at Lions Tigers and Bears


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November 27, 2017: Lions Tigers & Bears Christmas Festival


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October 29, 2016: Lions Tigers & Bears Celebrates Halloween…


Lions Tigers & Bears

September 10, 2016: Lions Tigers & Bears go to the dentist


August 25, 2016: Meatball the bear celebrate anniversary


August 25, 2016: Alpine sanctuary Lions Tigers & Bears celebrates…


 August 22, 2016: A lost dog, a therapist cat and a birthday bear


Lions, Tigers & Bears

August 5, 2016: Lions Tigers and Bears calls out rapper


Lions Tigers & Bears

April 20, 2016: Birthday tiger ready for a roaring good time


January 19, 2016: Rescued tiger cub ‘Himmel’ dies after medical procedure


Lions Tigers & Bears

January 15, 2016: Vintage Himmel – Larry and the lion triplets


Lions Tigers & Bears

November 25, 2015: Natasha the tiger dies at Lions Tigers & Bears


November 25, 2015: Alpine sanctuary’s original tiger dies


Lions, Tigers & Bears

October 24, 2015: Rescued tiger cub to be named ‘Himmel’


Lions, Tigers & Bears

October 19, 2015: Contest to name tiger cub at Lions Tigers & Bears


Lions Tigers & Bears

October 5, 2015: Date with the dentist at Lions, Tigers and Bears


October 2nd, 2015: Tiger rescued by Uppingham businessman and flown to US…


September 28, 2015 Tiger rescued from Greek zoo dies at Alpine shelter


September 7, 2015: Tiger cub calls Alpine sanctuary his new home


September 7, 2015: Abandoned tiger cub moves to animal sanctuary


July 29, 2015: Local animal sanctuary angered over killing of Cecil the lion


Lions Tigers & Bears

April 3. 2015: Rescued bears take center stage at Lions Tigers and Bears


December 2014: Alpine sanctuary rescues Greek zoo tiger


December 10, 2014: Alpine facility to rescue tiger from Greece


Lions Tigers & Bears

December 3, 2014: Lions Tigers and Bears holding Christmas fundraiser


Lions, Tigers & Bears

June 30, 2014: Lions Tigers and Bears rescues 9 exotic animals



May 23, 2014: Pender County bears to move to California sanctuary


Lions Tigers & Bears

May 9, 2014: Lions Tigers & Bears hosts Wild in the Country


May 1, 2014: Lions, Tigers & Bears- Wild in the Country 2014


KABC Los Angeles

December 14, 2013: “Eye on L.A.”: Meatball the Bear Float


Crescenta Valley Weekly

November 21, 2013“Let’s Be Neighbors” – A Story About Meatball.


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October 15, 2013“Tiger Patriarch, Raja, Laid…”


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October 10, 2013“Remembering Raja,” by Larry Himmel


Summer, 2013“Wedding Venue Idea: Get Married With…”


August 1, 2013: “Lions Tigers and Bears mourns loss of tiger raised at rescue…”


July 29, 2013“Local animal sanctuary loses beloved tiger”


July 24, 2013“’Meatball’ the Glendale bear reacts to float approval for…”


July 23, 2013“Glendale Wants ‘Meatball’-Themed Rose Parade Float”


July 17, 2013“New life for rescued bear in Alpine”


July 16, 2013“Maddie rescued after escaping unbearable conditions”


July 16, 2013“Bear has new home at Alpine sanctuary: Rescued bear named…


July 12, 2013“Rescued black bear from Ohio at Kendalia sanctuary”


July 11, 2013: “Ohio woman agrees to give up pet bear”


July 10, 2013“Maddie the Bear Heading to California Sanctuary “


July 10, 2013“Bear rescued: California animal sanctuary relocating animal”


 July 10, 2013“Group rescuing bears from Ohio”


July 9, 2013“Ohio exotic animal law sparks action from bear owner”


July 9, 2013“Bear removed from area home headed to sanctuary”


July 9, 2013Maddie the Bear – “Going Home”


July 9, 2013: “‘Maddie’ the bear to begin new life”


July 6, 2013“Ohio bears now at Spearfish sanctuary”


July 4, 2013“Bears rescued from Ohio get more room at Black Hills…”


July 4, 2013“Five rescued bears coming to sanctuary in Spearfish”


July 2, 2013“Animal Activists Gather In Columbus To Push For National Exotic Animal Law”
(Bobbi Brink on TV in Columbus, Ohio, including aerial shots of the LTB team on the move.)


June 28, 2013“More bears headed to sanctuary”


May 24, 2013Diane Bell – “Local wildlife refuge tries to help seven homeless bears”


May 10, 2013“Alpine Gets Wild in the Country at Lions Tigers & Bears”


April 12, 2013“Lions Tigers & Bears to Host Annual Wild In The Country Gala…”


April 12, 2013“Animal sanctuary hosting fundraiser”


April 3, 2013“Beyond the ‘BEAR’ Necessities: Alpine Rescue Facility…”


March 20, 2013Bobbi Brink is interviewed by Roger Hedgecock.


March 7, 2013“Founder of local sanctuary reacts to fatal lion attack in Fresno”


 March 7, 2013“Having a LION as a Pet” (Note: you need to click to the second slide in order to see the video of Bobbi)


March 6-7, 2013“Alpine animal rescuer reacts to Fresno Co. lion attack”


March 3, 2013Bobbi Brink is interviewed by Dr. Lori Kirshner…


February 28, 2013“Best Local Nonprofit: Lions Tigers & Bears”


February 4, 2013“Meatball has been gravy for this animal sanctuary”


February 4, 2013“Meatball the Bear a boon for exotic animal sanctuary”


December 30, 2012, (United Kingdom): “Meatball The Bear Saved By Online Campaign”


December 28, 2012,“Newsmaker of the Year: Glendale bear…”


November 22, 2012“Lions Tigers and Bears”


November 19, 2012“Sanctuary rescues exotic pets”


November 7, 2012,“Animal sanctuary to hold auction to raise funds for Meatball…”


November 7, 2012“‘Meatball’ the bear’s memorabilia auctioned on EBay”


November 1, 2012Charitable Events Registry: “Thanksgiving Feast at…”


October 19, 2012“Calif. bear loves meatballs and a community unites to save him” 


October 17, 2012“Meatball the Bear to Get New Neighbor at San Diego Sanctuary”


October 16, 2012“Wildlife sanctuary to see how ‘Meatball’…”


October 15, 2012: “Meatball the bear making big progress”


October 14, 2012“Plan for secure exotic animal temporary holding facility…”


October 5, 2012“Fund for Meatball Habitat Hits $80,000”


September 11, 2012“The bear called Meatball might stay…”


September 7, 2012“Meatball the Bear Might Stay in Alpine”


August 31, 2012“‘Meatball’ Lured With McDonald’s Happy Meal…”


August 31, 2012“Calif. bear lured by Happy Meal”


August 31, 2012“‘Meatball’ The Bear Moving From California To Colorado…”


August 30, 2012“Meatball-eating bear gets Twitter following…”


August 30, 2012“Bear Named ‘Meatball’ Captured, Moved to San Diego”


August 30, 2012“Pesky Bear Moved from Los Angeles to Alpine animal sanctuary”


August 30, 2012“Concerned about his not eating, handlers decide…”


August 30, 2012“‘Meatball’ the twitter savvy bear to get new home”


August 29, 2012“‘Meatball’ the celebrity bear lands in Alpine”


August 29, 2012“Captured bear sent to Alpine rescue shelter”


August 15, 2012“Rescuer of Exotic Animals”


May 3, 2012“Lions Tigers and Bears in Alpine aids exotic ‘pets'”


March 4, 2012“Local Sanctuary Gets Top Honor”


September 9, 2011“Tim Harrison talks about “The Elephant in the Living Room” 


August 9, 2011“Black Bears Rescued From Defunct Zoo”


August 3, 2011“Two displaced black bears making cross-country jaunt”


July 27, 2011: “Sanctuary Founder Makes Desperate Visit to Save…”


May 17, 2011Larry Himmel – “Lions Tigers and Bears, Oh Yeah!” (Wild in the Country)


February 25, 2010“Wild nights in Alpine”


February 13, 2010“Big cats finding a home to roam”