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LTB Tax Fundraiser

If you need help preparing your taxes this tax season, we have the perfect solution that will allow you to get your taxes done and help LTB at the same time.  And it is so easy….

 Brent Hoag, C.P.A., is participating in our Annual Tax Fundraiser. When you get your tax returns done with Brent, just mention Lions Tigers & Bears, and Brent will donate 100 percent of the first two years of your tax preparation fees to LTB. Your check will be made payable directly to Lions Tigers & Bears. If you would like to pay for your tax preparation using a credit card, Brent will write a check to LTB for the amount charged on your credit card.

Don't let taxes be beast of burdenBrent will also donate up to $5000 in matching funds for the new clients he signs up during this fundraiser.  So not only will LTB receive payments directly from Brent’s new clients, but LTB will receive an additional amount – up to $5,000 – from Brent, for the new people who come to his firm through LTB.  Not a bad deal! Since 2011, we have raised over $16,000 through this fantastic fundraising opportunity!

Brent has over 25 years of experience preparing personal and business taxes. His office is conveniently located in Mission Valley.

To get your taxes done and help our animals at the same time, either call our office at (619) 659-8078 option 2 or call Brent’s office directly at (619) 294-9876.  They answer their phones Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.  Don’t forget to tell them that you’re calling as part of the “LTB Tax Fundraiser”!



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