Linking Love to Lives Campaign

Linking Love to Lives CampaignThe promise of a better tomorrow starts today!

Lions Tigers & Bears is launching a campaign to build a new multi-acre, open-air habitat at our sanctuary.

Join us in our Linking Love to Lives Campaign and help build a new habitat for more animals in desperate need of rescue. The total cost to construct chain link fencing for the new habitat including gates, habitat fence and perimeter fence is $60 per linear foot.

Your $60 donation will provide one linear foot of chain-link fencing and will bring us one step closer to meeting our goal of completing this expansive new habitat which will house more animals in desperate need of rescue.




No Place Like Home Habitat Campaign Donation

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Helping them go from this……

raja_natasha cage

Maddie was originally purchased as a pet for a three year old child. Maddie outgrew the child, and was going to be sold off to a canned hunt ranch, until a family friend intervened. Maddie spent nearly 10 years in a double corn crib.


Stapleton1 bear05


To this…..



The site of the New Habitat at Lions Tigers & Bears:


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