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Maverick's Birthday

Lions Tigers & Bears is dedicated to providing a safe haven for abused and abandoned exotic animals while inspiring an educational forum to end the exotic animal trade. We are a NO KILL, NO BREED sanctuary that allow the animals in our care to live out their lives with dignity in a caring and safe environment. You can visit Lions Tigers & Bears to see our work first hand. Visits are by appointment only.  The ranch is not open to the public other than to its supporting members (including “Members-for-a-Day”).    Lions Tigers & Bears is a wonderful place to visit.  All visits to Lions Tigers & Bears are by appointment only. The ranch is not open to the public other than to its supporting Read More

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Linking Love to Lives Campaign


The promise of a better tomorrow starts today! Lions Tigers & Bears is launching a campaign to build a new multi-acre, open-air habitat at our sanctuary. Join us in our Linking Love to Lives Campaign and help build a new habitat for more animals in desperate need of rescue. The total cost to construct chain link fencing for the new habitat including gates, habitat fence and perimeter fence is $60 per linear foot. Your $60 donation will provide one linear foot of chain-link fencing and will bring us one step closer to meeting our goal of completing this expansive new habitat which will house more animals in desperate need of rescue.     SCROLL DOWN FOR PICTURES!   Helping them go from this……       To Read More

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Bobbi Brink to Lead the Rescue of Nine Ohio Bears


Alpine, Calif. – (June 27, 2013) – Bobbi Brink, founder and director LTB, today announced her departure to lead a rescue and multi-state relocation of nine bears. The animals will travel from three locations in Ohio to reputable sanctuaries in multiple states across the United States. During the three-week trip beginning June 27, 2013, Brink will remove seven bears from two private residences and two that have been anonymously surrendered. Seven of the nine bears will receive a basic physical, basic blood work, stool sampling, a dental check-up, vaccinations, microchip and any other basic medical attention that can be done while the bear is sedated.

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Watch a Bear Rescue in action from this past summer


July 16, 2013: We’ve arrived back home! Today the team arrived at the sanctuary with very special cargo. Maddie, the 390-pound black bear, will live out the rest of her life here at Lions Tigers and Bears. Maddie will spend some time in our quarantine area, which is a standard procedure for any new animal entering the sanctuary. Since Maddie has parasites, she is being treated with antibiotics. Once she has a clean bill of health, she will move over to the large habitat with the other female bears. Maddie was originally bought as a family pet and was going to be sold for less than $200 to a game ranch before a friend stepped in to take her. Even though the friend saved Maddie Read More

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