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Share the LOVE this Summer!

What does it take to make a home sweet home at Lions Tigers & Bears? A safe habitat, skilled keepers and veterinary care, nutritious food, watering holes, dens, platforms, pools, toys and LOVE. It’s love and compassion and the hard work and support of many that keeps us going (and growing) here at the sanctuary. Together we are making great strides to end the abuse for exotic animals all across the United States. Will you share the love this summer and help us continue to provide an enriching lifetime home to more animals in desperate need of rescue? Last year alone, we coordinated SIX cross-country rescues saving dozens of innocent animals from a life of abuse and neglect. But there are more animals out there Read More

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LTB Featured in July 2016 Trend Prive Magazine

Lions Tigers & Bears is featured in the No. 23 edition of Trend Prive Magazine this month! Editors say  “This issue represents the magazine’s readers : the originals, compassionate of the creative community, intelligent, technically literate, well-groomed individuals, who are members of the global community, prefer quality and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. This particular issue is visionary, artistic, fashionable and inspiring. We dedicate this issue to all those constantly re-inventing, creating, wanting to be at the pulse of the latest cultural event, social trend, and making waves in a creative and sustainable movement.  Thank you for being a step ahead of the game and supporting us by purchasing this issue.”   Trend Privé Magazine – No. 23  

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Romp free our sweet boy

It is with a heavy heart and incredible sadness that we must share with you the news that Himmel, the young 6 month old tiger cub, has tragically passed away. Himmel arrived at LTB on September 5th, 2015. He came to us malnourished, declawed, and suffering from an umbilical hernia. We had concerns that he had other underlying issues, but through attentive care, proper nutrition and an enriching diet, Himmel appeared to be morphing from a frail cub into a young tiger with a playful personality and a full life ahead of him. As happy as he was, we knew he still had a hard road ahead of him, with his nutritional issues and pain everyday from cruelly being declawed. Himmel underwent a routine veterinary Read More

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Good-bye dear Natasha, our precious girl

November 25, 2015 –  It is with immense sadness that we must relay the news that our beloved matriarch tiger, Natasha, has passed away. She was 19 years old. Natasha was the epitome of the old saying “that’s one tough cookie”, as she had more than her fair share of struggles over the course of her life, but always came out on top. Natasha and her late mate, Raja, were the founding tigers of Lions Tigers & Bears over thirteen years ago. The pair were rescued from Texas where they were being kept in a 6′ x 12′ chain link cage with concrete floors, and no shade or shelter to protect them from the harsh Texas elements. After learning of Natasha and Raja’s situation, Bobbi Read More

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The state of Ohio: An update on the impact of SB 310 – the Ohio Dangerous Wild Animals Act

Recently, the story of lions, tigers and bears being kept in backyards in Ohio made headlines. Some of the owners kept the animals in what animal welfare experts described as prison-like conditions for nearly a decade. Some of these animals were confiscated, some were relinquished to the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA). And, with some, we were able to work closely with  the animals owners, to help get the animals grandfathered in. This scenario has been all too common in Ohio over the last several months. All as a result of legislation – SB 310, the Ohio Dangerous Wild Animals Act – a bill enacted in 2013 to regulate private ownership of exotic animals within the state. Ohio, a state notorious for residents who keep exotic animals like lions, Read More

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We Say Good-Bye to Phevos the Tiger

phevos the tiger

It is with great sadness that we must report the news that Phevos, the 17 year old male tiger rescued from Greece, has passed away. Phevos’ health had been on a slow decline over the last two months. He had progressively shown signs of pain and became increasingly withdrawn from his normal interests and activities. His appetite had steadily decreased, making our abilities to provide pain medication difficult, since medication was administered through his daily diet. Before his state deteriorated further, the decision was made with a heavy heart and much contemplation, to humanely euthanize our dear friend, Phevos. Phevos was truly a tiger that defied all odds thrown his way. Born in captivity, and used in an Italian touring circus group, Phevos was seized Read More

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Official Statement on arrival of 3 month old tiger cub to Lions Tigers & Bears

Official Statement on arrival of 3 month old tiger cub to Lions Tigers & Bears: Alpine, Calif. (September 7, 2015) Lions Tigers & Bears (LTB) was called on by the California Department of Fish & Wildlife to provide refuge to a 3 month old tiger cub that was anonymously turned in to an animal shelter in Hemet on Sept. 3rd 2015. As an accredited big cat and exotic animal rescue sanctuary, the Department deemed LTB the best fit to house the cub, as his origin is unknown and is under investigation. The cub arrived at LTB on Saturday, Sept. 5th, 2015. LTB’s veterinarian team has provided a full wellness exam including: physical examination, dental examination and blood and fecal analysis. The cub’s anterior paws have Read More

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Cecil the lion

We are all mourning the tragic slaying of Cecil, the majestic lion killed by an American “trophy” hunter named Walter Palmer, who paid $50,000 for the bragging rights. Cecil lived on the reserve in the Hwange National Park , Zimbabwe’s largest game reserve. He was renowned for being friendly with visitors and easily recognizable by his huge size and distinctive black mane. His senseless death is a tragedy. Cecil was lured off the reserve, by Palmer and two guides, by strapping a dead animal to their vehicle. When Cecil was beyond the reserve’s protected territory, Palmer shot Cecil with a bow and arrow. The hunters tracked the suffering Cecil for 40 hours, where he was then ruthlessly shot and killed. Cecil was skinned and beheaded, Read More

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