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What is Declawing?

Declawing is the surgical amputation of the tips of the digits. It involves removing the claw and supporting bone. It is not the same as a nail trim or manicure. Declawing is one of the most painful and cruel procedures performed in veterinary medicine. Sadly, declawing is a common procedure performed on captive big cats like lions, tigers, mountain lions and leopards being kept by private owners. The procedure can more accurately be referred to as “de-knuckling” because the procedure not only removes the animals’ claws, but also the bone. To declaw a cat is equivalent to amputating the entire finger or toe tip including the nail and nail bed (first knuckle) of every digit on a human being. The procedure often causes post-surgical complications Read More

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Save the Cherokee Pit Bears

Cherokee Bear Park in Cherokee, North Carolina is a roadside tourist attraction that stems back to the stone ages. The bears, who have had the unfortunate reality of being born into one of the United States most heinous roadside menageries- are kept in deplorable concrete pits void of natural environmental stimuli. They are deprived of all that is natural to a bear. The bears live day in and day out pacing back and forth in small concrete cell blocks, waiting for the occasional tourist to come view them from above. The park also has cub petting photo opportunities in which the cubs are stripped from their mothers soon after birth, and put on display for visitors to handle. The cubs are the product of captive Read More

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Stop Cub Petting

The Truth About Cub Petting Popular tourism spots like Mexico and other tropical destinations often offer a tourist activity called “cub petting.” Tourists can pay to pet and take a picture with a lion cub or other baby big cat. People often think the organizations that offer these activities have rescued the animals and that the animals have a good and healthy life, but the reality is that these animals are often drugged to remain calm, are often abused, and then abandoned, sold to the exotic animal trade for body parts or even killed when they become too big, so that they can purchase another cub and start the profit-making all over again. Bobbi Brink, Founder and Director of Lions Tigers and Bears, states, “Please Read More

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