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Archive | New York Bear Rescue

Lions, Tigers & Bears to collaborate with three organizations to save New York bears from grim fate.

Alpine, CA – (June 18, 2014) This Thursday, the Lions, Tigers & Bears’ rescue team and I are taking to the road, once again. Our mission? To rescue six bears, confined to a backyard menagerie. These bears would have otherwise lost their chance at life if it were not for the quick action of four organizations – the non-profit group Rock to the Rescue, The ASPCA, The Wild Animal Sanctuary (TWAS) and our team at Lions, Tigers & Bears (LTB). The bears, part of a defunct captive wildlife operation in upstate New York, are the sole survivors  – from lions and tigers, to macaques and lemurs-  that were being kept at this backwoods zoo. The owner  is now stepping up to do the right thing, but this Read More

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Let the rescue begin!

Greenwich, NY – (June 24, 2014) Five days, ten states and nearly 3,000 miles later,  the LTB Rescue team arrived to New York state on Monday in their state of the art animal rescue hauler. A few winding roads through the woods later, the team arrived bright and early to the rescue site, welcomed by DEC officials, USDA officials, the private owner of the zoo and Hannah Shaw, Director of the non-profit group, Rock to the Rescue. The six bears: Sasha, Sebastian, Dasha, Dora, Diego and Darwin were living together at the small private backyard zoo. Sasha(female, age 6) and Sebastian (male, age 7) are the parents of Dasha and Dora (females, age 3). Diego and Darwin are males both around 6 years of age. Read More

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Detour to save more lives.

Fredonia, NY – (June 25, 2014) While in New York, Bobbi Brink received a call from DEC officials about a case involving a privately held mountain lion, black bear and serval. The DEC had orders to seize the three animals being kept at the private residence near Buffalo, NY on Wednesday, June 25th. Rather than euthanize the animals, the DEC requested for Bobbi to rescue the animals. Being that she and the rescue team were already in the area, it only made sense. Three more captive exotic animals’ lives were able to be spared on this cross-country rescue! The exotic trio includes: Kira- a six year old female mountain lion, Shaka- a six or seven year old male serval and Skittles- a thirteen year old Read More

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Skittles, Shaka and Kira arrive home!

Keenesburg, Colorado – (June 28, 2014) The LTB Rescue team arrived at The Wild Animal Sanctuary (TWAS) in Keenesburg, Colorado after driving 1,800 miles from Fredonia, New York where they rescued three additional captive exotic animals – Skittles the black bear, Shaka the African serval and Kira the mountain lion – that were seized by New York DEC officials.  These three privately held exotics were extremely lucky to get a second chance. The LTB Rescue team was greeted by Pat Craig and his sanctuary team, along with a pack of four legged helpers! Skittles, Shaka and Kira were unloaded from Lions, Tigers & Bears’ rescue hauler and then transferred to their temporary quarantine areas. The TWAS crew helped Bobbi and the rescue team clean out the rescue Read More

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Through the prairie, mountains, desert and finally home!

Alpine, Calif. – (June 30, 2014) Twelve days, 15 states and 6,000+ miles later, Bobbi and the LTB Rescue team arrived to Lions, Tigers & Bears with the six Greenwich, NY bears in tow. It was an epic rescue that exemplifies how quick action and collaboration can pay off – and in this case save nine lives! A huge thank you goes out to our collaborative partners : The Wild Animal Sanctuary, Rock to the Rescue and the ASPCA for working together to make this rescue a reality. Sasha, Sebastian, Diego, Darwin, Dasha and Dora were very happy when the rescue hauler came to a halt and the team opened the hauler doors to reveal the sights, sounds, and smells of their new home! Each Read More

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