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Save the North Carolina Bears

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Lions, Tigers & Bears’ Rescue Team Hits the Road again!

Four Bears will travel cross-country to new home at San Diego exotic animal sanctuary Alpine, Calif – (May 18, 2014) Bobbi Brink, Founder and Director of San Diego’s Lions, Tigers & Bears (LTB) exotic animal sanctuary, departed today to rescue four captive bred bears from outside Wilmington, North Carolina. The LTB rescue team will make the 5,000+ mile round trip journey in their state of the art animal transfer hauler. Upon arrival to the rescue site the team will provide a thorough medical diagnostic for each bear before transporting them back across the country to San Diego, Calif. sanctuary, where they will be provided a permanent home. This rescue has been generously made possible by LTB members and supporters and lifelong animal advocate, Mr. Bob Read More

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LTB Rescue Team Arrives in NC

We Have Arrived! Wallace, NC – (May 22, 2014) After traveling more than 2,500 miles the LTB Rescue Team led by Lions, Tigers & Bears Founder and Director, Bobbi Brink, has finally arrived to their final destination this morning to rescue four captive bred bears who will be rescued and transported back to their Calif. sanctuary.  The team was greeted on site by an early morning drizzle. All four bears were eagerly awaiting in their current enclosure at a residential backyard, as the team worked to coax each bear into their transfer cage, where they would spend their time for the next couple of days to make the 2,500+ mile journey back to their new home at the Alpine, Calif. sanctuary. The bears each displayed their Read More

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The Doctor is in the House!

Or in this case, the veterinarian… Watha, North Carolina – (May 23, 2014) The LTB Rescue team visited the residence of Albert, Cherry Bomb, Teddy and Baloo yesterday and prepped for the baseline medical examinations that would occur for each bear today. The team arrived on site bright and early this morning and met the North Carolina veterinarian team who would help do the medical work-up. All four bears patiently awaited as the morning passed and it became time for their turn to be anesthetized in their squeeze/transfer cage. Each bear was worked individually (one at a time) by the LTB Rescue Team and the NC veterinarian team. Cherry Bomb, the only female bear in the group, was the first to be sedated, then Baloo, Albert Read More

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Loaded Up and Ready to Roll

   Watha, North Carolina – (May 24, 2013) After multiple hours of rest and close observation by the LTB Rescue team, Albert, Cherry Bomb, Teddy and Baloo were loaded into Lions, Tigers & Bears’ state of the art exotic animal transfer hauler yesterday afternoon where they could rest overnight before the team begins the nearly 3,000 mile drive back to California. The hauler is fully self contained and well equipped with features such as -running water, air conditioning, propane generator, tools, medical supplies for the bears (and humans just in case!). It is important to give the bears plenty of time to come around from their sedative and be able to get accustomed to their new environment where they will be spending the next few Read More

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Food for the Road

(May 24, 2014) – The LTB Rescue team hit the road yesterday morning, but not before making a stop at the grocery store to stock up on fresh produce for Albert, Cherry Bomb, Teddy and Baloo. Did you know a typical bear eats up to 20 pounds of food a day?! (Whereas the average person eats around 4 pounds per day.) That is a max of 80 pounds of food per day between the four of these guys. Bears are omnivores meaning “everything-eater.” Their diet consists of a variety of foods including fruits, nuts, vegetables, seeds, fish, eggs, cooked meats, grains, etc.  Needless to say, the team loaded up their shopping cart with a lot!: 8 watermelons, 2 cantaloupes, 2 melons, 17 peaches, 8 mangos, Read More

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Still Truckin’

Weatherford, TX – (May 26, 2014) This update comes to you from the highways of the Lone Star State, where the LTB Rescue Team has covered over 1,500 miles with Albert, Cherry Bomb, Teddy and Baloo in tow. Some of you may be wondering what life on the road is like when you are hauling four, 300+ pound living, breathing balls of fur (bears!!) with needs to be met- such as food, water and hygenic living conditions, not to mention emotional needs to ensure everyone is comfortable, safe and happy on their journey to their new home. Stops are made often to check on Albert, Cherry Bomb, Teddy and Baloo. Their travel hauler is temperature controlled and insulated to help drown out sound. The bears are Read More

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There’s No Place Like Home

Alpine, CA – (May 30, 2014) Five days, eight states and 2,500 miles later the epic journey for Albert, Cherry Bomb, Teddy and Baloo has come to an end- they are finally home! After a few short days on the ranch this family of bears is already beginning to settle into their new digs. They will spend the next thirty days in quarantine, a standard protocol for all new arrivals to our sanctuary. Teddy and Baloo, the two eleven year old Himalayan black bear brothers, are clowning around and enjoying taking dips in their swimming tub. Albert and Cherry Bomb, the eight year old Alaskan Silvertip grizzlies are getting accustomed to their quarantine area and are enjoying the tranquility of LTB.  This rescue could not Read More

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The Final Leg

Gila Bend, AZ – (May 28, 2014) Since our last update two days ago, the LTB rescue team crossed through three states (Texas, New Mexico & Arizona), soon to be four (California) covering 1,000+ miles to bring Albert, Cherry Bomb, Teddy and Baloo to their new home. Along the route home, the team has met some helpful new friends- all willing to pitch in for the sake of this bear family. At each fuel stop, fellow travelers come up to the rescue hauler in curious amazement, and occasional disbelief- that four bears really do stand behind those hauler doors, and are on their way to a new life at Lions, Tigers & Bears. Being on the road and meeting people from all walks of life Read More

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