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African serval

  • Species: Leptailurus serval
  • Born: 4/12/1998
  • Sex: Male
  • Weight: 40 lbs.
  • Favorite Food: Chicken
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Serval – Male – Born: 4/12/98 – Weight: 40 lbs Tuffy 2013

Unlike most of our cats, Tuffy came from a good home where he was well cared for. Unfortunately, Tuffy’s owner passed away, and he was taken to a facility in Texas. Due to the abundant number of cats already at this particular facility, LTB felt we could provide him with a much better home. A new enclosure was constructed here, complete with large trees, lots of grass, boulders, a simulated creek bed, a small pool, dens and lounging hammocks.

Tuffy and Gizmo the Bobcat were both introduced into their new enclosure at the same time, and soon became friends. They love playing together, although Gizmo is usually the instigator! Tuffy is very vocal when it comes to food and, like Gizmo, rabbit is his favorite food.