• Species: Panthera tigris
  • Born: 11/8/2002
  • Sex: Female
  • Weight: 300 lbs.
  • Favorite Food: Beef

Tabu was conceived in Texas and born here at LTB in 2002 along with her sister, the late Sitarra. Tabu weighed 2 lbs 7oz at birth. Tabu lives in a habitat that includes a den, pool, and toys. She loves to play in the pool and show off for anyone paying attention. Tabu has shown great intelligence and has mastered the sit, lay, stay, up and come commands. We do not train the cats to do tricks, but rather to do certain commands so that we can safely work around and treat them if needed. If you watch her playing in her enclosure she is always balancing on the edge of the pool. When resting, her paws are always hanging over the den or pool.

Tabu was in need of a large area to run and play. In October 2008, thanks to our generous donors, the McGrath Family, we were able to complete our Tiger Trails, a large habitat dedicated to letting our big cats run and play. This grass covered habitat includes wooden platforms for jumping and shade from the sun and a large waterfall and pool for cooling off on a hot summer day. Tabu has enjoyed many days playing in Tiger Trails.