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African Lion

  • Species: Panthera leo
  • Born: 3/16/2007
  • Sex: Female
  • Weight: 350 lbs.
  • Favorite Food: beef
Adopt Me

Suri came to us with her sister Jillian and brother Bakari at the age of 4 weeks. We were contacted by the only big cat sanctuary in Louisiana. Due to overcrowding in their facility they were unable to keep the cubs. Lions Tigers & Bears stepped in and accepted all three lion cubs, one male and two females.

Suri, is a little smaller than Jillian and Bakari but is growing daily and might even catch up soon. She is the sweetest of the three and is very playful and loving.

Like her brother and sister, Suri was named at the Wild in the Country when Yvette Davis won the rights in an auction. What is unique in this instance however, is that Yvette is one of our long time volunteers and has been helping care for the Suri since she was a cub. She just fell in love with Suri and wanted to contribute more than just her time.