Sugar Bear

Black Bear

  • Species: Ursus americanus
  • Sex: Male

Sugar BearSugar Bear is a black bear that was transferred to Lions Tigers & Bears in August, 2012.  He was rescued from an unaccredited sanctuary in Ohio when that facility closed due to a lack of funding.  Bobbi Brink, LTB’s founder and president, drove with a trailer to Ohio to pick up Sugar Bear and return him to Alpine as part of a nationwide effort, which Bobbi coordinated, to rescue all of the bankrupt facility’s 32 wild animals, including many tigers and lions.

Upon arriving at the LTB ranch, Sugar Bear was neutered, had a dental check up, and spent several weeks adjusting to his own “bedroom” in the habitat. He was closely monitored and kept in quarantine until he was ready to meet the other rescued bears (Liberty, Blossom, and Delilah), a process known as “natural integration.” He was slow to venture out of his room because, for the previous five years, he had known only the concrete floor and small surroundings of his Ohio cage. He was not used to sun or dirt, so he had to adjust slowly to life in a natural habitat. In order to coax him out, food trails were used to lead him into the bear habitat.

Now Sugar Bear is fully-integrated member of the LTB bear population.