• Species: Lynx rufus
  • Born: 3/8/2008
  • Sex: Male
  • Weight: 24
  • Favorite Food: Beef


A professional truck driver spotted RJ in the road while driving near the Los Angeles County town of Acton. The bobcat appeared near death and he brought it home, thinking it was a domestic kitten. Once it was realized that the kitten was actually a bobcat, authorities were called and a volunteer from the Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center in Huntington Beach picked up the bobcat who then turned it over to Fund for Animals – an organization that rehabilitates and releases animals back to the wild. They determined that the cat had too much human contact and would not be safe if released and decided that the best future for this cat would be a lifetime home at Lions Tigers & Bears.

LTB caretakers are a bit skeptical of the trucker story in that RJ was very used to people and his physical characteristics did not resemble those of a local bobcat. The thought is that RJ was the result of needless breeding, a huge problem in the US. None the less he is fortunate to be at LTB.

And, lucky for this little guy, one of our generous donors stepped up with a contribution which allowed us to keep RJ and give him a lifetime home.