• Species: Lynx rufus
  • Sex: Male

Clarence was rescued from Ohio. He was affected by recently enacted legislation banning the private ownership of exotic animals within the state, unless owners met certain stipulations (ie; they were an accredited zoo or sanctuary, or held a state issued permit).

Clarence came from a fur farm in Ohio. Believe it or not this was a legal operation! Clarence and a bear living at the farm were seized by state officials. He was kept in a small cage so the owners could harvest his urine, which was sold to be used by hunters.

Bobcats used to be hunted for their coats and became almost extinct in the early 1900’s. After laws were passed preventing the killing of bobcats, their numbers slowly rebounded.  Their natural range is from Canada to Mexico and east to west.

There is no reason to keep one of these gorgeous creatures in captivity.  Unfortunately, once in captivity, they are not always able to be released back into the wilds from which they came.  Clarence will be cared for for his lifetime here at LTB.  Please consider a monthly donation of just $25 to help give Clarence a better life than he came from.