Black Bear

  • Species: Ursus americanus
  • Born: 8/2/2011
  • Sex: Female
  • Favorite Food: Watermelon

Blossom lived with Delilah at the Little River Zoo in Norman, Oklahoma. They were the lone residents left at the zoo, following the closure of the zoo in 2011 due to continuing financial woes. Faced with money problems, zoo officials tried to maintain their standards of care while finding homes for their 240 animals. But sadly for Blossom and Delilah, their diet was neglected, as were the grounds where they were kept. After several months of fruitless searching, officials still had not found a home for the two ill-nourished black bears. The situation was so desperate that negotiations had begun with a “big game” ranch where the bears could be hunted and killed by animal gamers.

After hearing about Blossom and Delilah, Bobbi began working with the zoo to load and transport both bears to LTB. At that time, LTB was in the midst of constructing a new bear habitat for its first rescued bear – Liberty. As construction continued on the bear habitat, LTB began making modifications to a new trailer that could handle the trip to Oklahoma and bring both bears back to LTB safely. New equipment was needed, such as air conditioners and transport crates that would make their long drive a much healthier ride. Bobbi’s dad worked tirelessly installing the air conditioning on the trailer, installing a new generator and new circuit breakers, helping to build the crates and make it work, and installing new vents for air on top of trailer.

Prior to the trailer’s completion, Bobbi learned that a heat wave had hit the mid-section of the country, so she immediately flew to Oklahoma to check on the bears’ situation and their health. She found the bears to be in moderate health, a little overweight from the unusual diet they had been fed, but otherwise faring well. LTB then hired an Oklahoma veterinarian to examine the bears and verify that they were healthy enough to make the long journey to San Diego.

Final efforts were made to complete the new trailer and, only a week after returning from Oklahoma, Bobbi was off again, this time with trailer in tow, ready to bring the bears home.

Since then, both Blossom and Delilah have adapted well to their new habitat and new home at LTB. They share their habitat with Liberty, Meatball the Bear, Maddie and Sugar Bear.