LTB Volunteer Lions Tigers & Bears can always use your help!

Becoming a volunteer is one of the greatest ways to give back to the rescued animals that call Lions Tigers & Bears home.

Our primary purpose is the security and comfort of our animals. To this end volunteers help across our organization to accomplish this goal. Be it working on a mailing for an upcoming fundraiser or building a fence – there is no task that is any more or less important if the end result helps our rescued animals. All of our volunteer duties require extra effort and the dedication on the part of those who are willing. Your desire to help is greatly appreciated!

Just a few of the many duties LTB needs volunteers for:

LTB Volunteers · Office Help
· Carpentry
· Diet Prep/Animal Care
· Visit Guides/Visit Support
· Landscape Architect
· Graphic Design
· Printing Services
· Electrician
· Fence Building
· Event Help
· Community Events
· Making Enrichment for the animals
· And so much more!


Get Started!

To become an LTB volunteer, your first step will be to fill out your Lions Tigers & Bears Volunteer Application. Click here for your Volunteer Application. Once your application is submitted, our Volunteer Coordinator will get in touch with you to arrange an orientation. The orientation is pre-scheduled and will run approximately 4 hours. During the orientation you will join our guided visit. Afterwards, our Volunteer Coordinator will go over the expectations and opportunities that are available for you as a volunteer. The fee is $25. The fee for volunteers between 12 and 17 years of age is $15. Volunteers between 12 and 17 years of age must be accompanied by an adult/guardian during orientation and each volunteer shift moving forward.

Why Volunteer?
Animal Encounters

Giving back is good for you. Volunteering lowers rates of depression and may decrease your risk of disease as well as extend your life by several years, according to a review of more than 30 studies from the Corporation for National and Community Service. As little as one or two hours a week of helping out can improve your health. So get your whole family involved, and start your commitment right now!

If you have any questions regarding volunteering at Lions Tigers & Bears, send us a message: