Our Team

Meet Our Devoted Team Members

Bobbi & LuckyBobbi Brink: Volunteer – Founder/Director/Lions Tigers & Bears Chief Executive Officer

Bobbi began working with ranch animals and riding horses at eight years old and was active in the 4-H Club throughout her school years. She began her personal involvement with exotic big cats in 1992, after seeing the horrible abuses and neglect inflicted on captive exotics. Bobbi plays an active role in all aspects of managing Lions Tigers & Bears, from daily feedings to office management. She is a prolific fundraiser and tireless advocate for abused and displaced wildlife. In addition, Bobbi is very active in local planning groups, Soroptimist and Rotary Clubs. Both she and Lions Tigers & Bears have won multiple awards and recognition for leadership and public service from the Alpine Chamber of Commerce, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors and the California State Assembly. Read Bobbi’s Curriculum Vitae.


Mark Brink: Volunteer – Lions Tigers & Bears Board Chief Financial Officer/Construction

In addition to running his own full-time business specializing in truck door lettering, vehicle graphics, and fleet lettering, Mark oversees all construction projects at Lions Tigers & Bears with a true hands-on approach. His expertise can be seen in virtually every building and enclosure on the property. Mark also serves as Chief Financial Officer on the Board of Directors.


Julie Schuettenhelm: Volunteer – Lions Tigers & Bears Board Vice President/Animal Caretaker/Merchandise Coordinator

As a Certified Nurse Assistant and Medical Assistant, Julie spent the last 11 years prepping operating rooms, assisting in surgery, and coordinating quality assurance programs for human clients. She now brings that medical acumen to her charges at Lions Tigers and Bears. In addition to the daily care of our residents, which includes preparing appropriate diets and nutritional supplements, she assists in medical procedures and examinations in our on-site medical facility. Julie also serves on the Board of Directors.


Jackie Smith: Volunteer – Board Member/Grant Writer/Events

Jackie has over 20 years experience in the hospitality field, with key positions in purchasing, hotel renovation, and project management. An English major in college, she also has a strong background in writing proposals, contracts, advertising copy, and media releases. During the years that she has been affiliated with Lions Tigers & Bears, she has performed many functions, including fundraising, event co-chairperson, media relations, and writing/editing newsletters, collateral materials, news releases, and grant applications. Ms. Smith also serves on the Board of Directors.


Barbara Cain: Volunteer – Animal Care Taker

A native of Buffalo, NY,  Barb has volunteered at Lions Tigers and Bears since the very beginning in 2002. She and her husband, Mel, own and operate Utility Helicopters, Inc. and have been involved in the helicopter industry for over 40 years. Mel and Barb Cain have a passion for and love of animals. Their helicopter company specializes in aerial animal capture. Using helicopters and net guns they have captured and relocated Mountain Goats, Bighorn Sheep, Burros, Deer, Elk, Cattle, and Golden Eagles, among others, throughout the United States and Mexico for 30 years. They have worked for the U.S. Parks Department, California Fish and Game, the Bureau of Land Management, the U.S. Navy, Bighorn Sheep Institute, and the Fund for Animals, to name a few. Barb assists in the daily feeding and health assessment of our rescued residents, and oversees the enrichment program for them, an essential and vital part of providing them with a healthy environment.  Her favorite animal at LTB is Conga, and her favorite moment was when Natasha gave birth to Sitarra and Tabu.


Susan Burchett and Carole Breise: Volunteers – Membership/Events

With a Masters degree in Business Administration, and over 20 years experience in Systems Consulting and Information Resources, Susan brings an impressive resume of experience to Lions Tigers & Bears, including a background in financial services and software training. Her duties include fundraising procurement, Auction Pro Maestrosoft data entry, packaging and display of auction items. She also performs administrative support, and conducts educational and group visits.


Cheryl Myers: Office Administrator/Event Coordinator

Ms. Myers is a Certified Human Resources Executive and brings over 15 years experience in employment law, employee recruitment, training and management. Her skills from the hospitality industry enable her to schedule volunteers, coordinate guest visits and perform all functions necessary to run our office smoothly on a day to day basis.

Email – members@lionstigersandbears.org


Erin S.: Volunteer

Erin is from Alpine, CA (although her parents will tell you that she’s from Mars!).  She has been volunteering at LTB for about five years, and the campouts are her favorite events to work.  Her favorite animal?  It’s a toss-up between Conga and Liberty:  “They’re both very interactive , and they both tend to greet me when I visit their habitats during guided tours and photo shoots.”  Erin’s favorite LTB moment was when she first got to video Conga.  “To record her when she jumps up and hangs on to the fence is pretty magical!”


Heather M.: Volunteer

Originally from Chicago, Heather now lives in Alpine, CA.  She’s been a volunteer at LTB since early 2013.  She likes all of the animals equally, but she admits that Conga may be a “first among equals.”  Having the opportunity to feed the cats is what she likes best about her work at LTB, although she also loves “working with this amazing team.”



Kathryn S.: Volunteer

Kathryn was born in Glendale, CA, and was raised in San Diego’s Ocean Beach neighborhood.  An LTB member for more than a decade, Kathryn has been volunteering for the last three years.  Her favorite animals are Raja, Conrad, and Liberty.  Her favorite LTB experience as a member was staying at White Oak mountain retreat; and, as a volunteer, she most enjoys helping with the weddings celebrated at LTB.


April Schumsky: Volunteer – Lions Tigers & Bears Board Secretary/Events