Mission and Vision

Lions Tigers & Bears is dedicated to providing a safe haven to abused and abandoned exotic animals while inspiring an educational forum to end the exotic animal trade.

Lions Tigers & Bears is a NO KILL, NO BREED, NO SELL rescue and educational facility that allows the animals in our care the opportunity to live out their lives with dignity in a caring and safe environment.

Our goal is to provide a safe haven for these rescued animals and to educate the public about the growing population of abused and abandoned exotic animals and where they come from. Our primary concerns are for the health, comfort and safety of our animals. We will protect and provide them with a lifetime home, realizing that environment, exercise, and personal attention are key to their well being. Every attempt is made to provide healthy diets, medical care, immunizations, and whatever else is necessary for the physical and psychological welfare of each animal in our care.

In addition to our current family of rescued animals, others in need of medical aid and rest have been welcomed to our sanctuary, limited only by our ability to provide adequate help, shelter, and safety.

Sadly, in many areas of the United States, there are countless unwanted, neglected and abused, exotic animals kept in captivity. The number of animals bred and sold in captivity is staggering. A February 2011 report from the non-profit, Washington, DC-based research and advisory organization Global Financial Integrity finds that the illicit trade in the exotic animal industry is a $10 billion industry, falling just behind drugs, counterfeiting, human trafficking and oil.

In most cases, exotic animals kept in captivity endure horrific neglect and abuse due to the immense demands of their upkeep Some of these animals are bred to be used for photo ops and other “entertainment”, then thrown away when they are no longer generating profit. In many states big cats (most commonly lions, tigers, cougars and bobcats) and bears are acquired by roadside zoos and then eventually become surplus animals with no place to go. Others are purchased as “pets” when they are cubs, and discarded once the novelty wears off and the owner realizes the immense responsibility and danger of caring for a 500 pound predator. Zoos and sanctuaries, who are already filled to capacity, have no room for them.

Big cats and bears can live 20 years or more – don’t they deserve a secure and happy lifetime home? Lions Tigers & Bears believes so. We have made it our life’s work to rescue and provide homes for as many of these tortured animals as possible.

Lions Tigers & Bears’ Strategic Vision:

  • Rescue and provide a lifetime home to a responsible number of exotic animals that have been abused, confiscated, or are in danger of being destroyed for lack of a suitable home.
  • Ensure an enriching habitat, nutritious diet and quality veterinary care utilizing the highest safety standards.
  • Collaborate with others to promote legislation to stop the exploitation and unnecessary breeding of captive exotic animals.
  • Provide educational opportunities to raise awareness and inspire change to stop the exploitation, trade and abuse of captive exotic animals.